Almost Two

Posted by Linda on Wednesday Mar 17, 2010 Under Uncategorized

My daughter is confusing and I can never keep her age straight in my head. You see the problem is that on Sunday she will be two. I can handle that, but right now she is in 12-18 month clothes so part of me feels that she is still much younger. On the other hand many of her toys are 3+ so I sometimes forget that she’s not that old.

W e have given up on blogging about speech now because, well, she can talk. She can express herself clearly and copy words after hearing them just once or twice. She lapses into babble still, but nine times out of ten you will understand when she talks. Oddly counting has slipped and rather than count she just reels off a list of numbers rather than tell you how many things there are, but on the other hand she can recognise two items immediately. So if she sees two birds in the sky she’ll say ‘two birds flying’ rather than needing to count them.

She still knows all the numbers up to ten and most of the alphabet. She does get confused by ‘G’ and ‘Q’ but that’s understandable. She also knows all her colours. She did have issues with confusing green and red for a while and since these are the classic colour blindness colours we did start to wonder, but she hasn’t confused them for a while so here’s hoping we were wrong.

Perhaps just as a nod to the fact this started out as a baby led weaning blog I will list what she has eaten today. For breakfast I made her two slices of toast and marmite since she has been pestering me for mine the last few days if I only make her one. She doesn’t eat the crusts still, but I’m not fussed. I don’t pretend to understand it, but I’m not going to insist. She didn’t eat much this morning though as I think her toast went a bit cold while she was waiting for me to come back up and she does prefer it warm. At about 9.30am she had Cheerios and raisins. )I think this may be the last box of Cheerios that I buy though as I think I’m going to join in the boycott of Nestle for their terrible aggressive marketing strategies of formula in developing countries that cost hundreds of lives every year.)

Anyway, then we went to a friend’s house where she ate a bite from a cereal bar and a whole chocolate digestive. We returned home and she was exhausted. She had a breast feed and fell asleep. By 2.30pm I was getting worried as we have Mini Strikers at 3.15pm, a really fun session where they get to do all sorts of activities and Freya loves it. I went in to ‘tidy’ her books and made enough noise that she woke up and then I gave her grapes (uneaten – shock horror!), sweetcorn, bread-sticks, cheese and cucumber. She also had a banana in the buggy on the way.

At home she had some more raisins, a bread-stick and sweetcorn. This was only because I was trying to persuade her to let me cook dinner. So finally dinner – mince beef pasta with garlic bread. Quite a bit eaten and because of circumstance we’ll all be having the same evening meal tomorrow.

Ah, Mini Strikers… What a discovery that was! I had heard that she could possibly go when she was two so I looked into it and went to a session. Since Freya is obsessed with balls and running around I had a feeling that she would enjoy it and she did. She wasn’t sure about the other children at first as she is quite reserved and really doesn’t like other people touching her, but when we went today (the third time ever) she was a joy to watch. I still sit with her and she needs me to run around with her, but I don’t mind and her confidence is growing every time we go. We are going to quit Jo Jingles though partly because of our limited budget and partly because the lady who we like doing it has been replaced and the replacement is simply not as good. Freya would rather run in circles round me than pay attention to what is going on and I don’t really need to pay £4.50 for that.

So Freya will be two in four days. Where did the time go? I still don’t regret anything and I’m still not wishing for any future age to come quicker. It is really amazing how fast she has changed though, even in the last few weeks.

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Wait… Did she really say what I think she said…?

Posted by Anthony on Thursday Jan 14, 2010 Under Uncategorized

Just a short one. Last night, I think we had our first conversation with Freya. It was late, nearly ten, and she was still awake. We decided to try getting her to go to bed.

Linda: It’s bed-time, are you ready to go to bed?
Freya: No… (not forcefully, just as though the answer was obvious)
Linda: Why not?
Freya: ‘S dark…
(we stop for a second, surprised by the apt response)
Linda: Will you go to bed if we turn on the light again?
(Freya seems to think about it for a second)
Freya: Yes…
(Freya walks to the stairs and starts climbing)

And that was the moment we realised that Freya is growing up very quickly…

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It has been a while

Posted by Anthony on Sunday Oct 4, 2009 Under Uncategorized

Yes, we have been remiss in our duties. Freya continues to grow taller and more intelligent by the day. Her latest achievement is jumping, which most of the guides agree is something she should not pick up until she is about three.

Beyond this, we have her reading ability coming on by leaps and bounds. She is not able to see her name and recognise it, but she will run her finger along the line of letters and read them. “Fuh – arr – ee! – wuh – ay…” New words include saying her own name recognisably; socks (saks); swing, slide and six are all clearly audible; ‘Raaah!’ when she sees a dinosaur; “Arrr!” when she sees a pirate…

Which brings us on to her pirates. Baldy and Cap’n were Talk Like a Pirate Day gifts, complete with a pirate island and a little sailing boat. She saw them, she loved them, she played with them and then… they said ‘ah…’ and started kissing. They are both bearded rugged manly men, who just happen to enjoy one another’s company and enjoy snuggling up with kisses on the balcony of their island retreat to watch the dinosaurs and sharks roaming the plains.
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The skill of speech

Posted by Linda on Thursday Aug 20, 2009 Under Uncategorized

Now Freya has had Mama and Dada or Daaad down for a while, but we thought it may be interesting to log her spoken words as she learns them. I think I am the only mother who’s daughter recognises and can say ‘Data’ (from Star Trek) for example so here are the words she understands and can say so far:

Data (Da’a), Three (ee), ‘C’, Seven (se’en), Ball (ba), Cat (aat), Upsy Daisy (Daisy), hat, hair, bear (wear), there, moo moo.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I will add them as I remember or she says them.

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Been a while…

Posted by Linda on Wednesday Aug 19, 2009 Under Uncategorized

Freya is growing up. She learns so much new stuff every day that to blog it all would probably bore the socks of everyone, if the baby led weaning didn’t. However there have been a few developments lately that have been worthy of comment.

Firstly Freya walks like a pro now. Very steady and full of confidence. She’s fast too. Just today I found myself running headlong across the park before she reached the road’s edge and only just managing to catch her in time. I just wish that she would hold my hand and then we could walk along the pavement together instead of taking the buggy, but I guess this will come soon.

She is also fearless. She has discovered this week that she can climb right to the top of this scary old slide we found in a secluded corner of the park. The only trouble is that I have to follow her up and when we get to the top there’s not enough room to manoeuvre easily. She did that three times today and the second one I nearly had a heart attack as I really thought I was going to fall. She can climb in and out the patio doors, on and off the bench in the garden and can even make it part way up the climbing frame.

She is also sociable. She wanders round the park looking for people to show her car to. This breaks my heart though somewhat as the boys and girls she chooses are all very much older and not really interested. She wanders right into the middle of their football games or gossiping. Unfortunately younger kids just don’t interest her as much. She tends to observe them and then do her own thing.

She is also sleeping through sometimes. Since about 6 months she has woken for one, two or sometimes even three feeds, but once or twice in the last few weeks she hasn’t. Her sleeping pattern has changed too rather suddenly. From a lovely three hour nap in the afternoon to just one if I’m lucky. However, she tends to go to sleep at 8.30pm ish without a fuss now and wake for the morning at 8 ish.

Food wise she has suddenly also been eating a lot more in the evening and today she even ate quite a big lunch. The best food we have come across lately has to be chicken risotto. She loves it and she loves using her spork to eat it.

Ah, yes, the spork. Found in takeaway salads in all good supermarkets this has to be the ultimate in weaning cutlery. It stabs things easily and they don’t fall off, but yet you can use it to scoop too like a spoon. It also fits perfectly in your baby’s hand. They are sharp though so I would only recommend them if your baby has already got not sticking cutlery in their eyes down.

Anyway between sporks, her climbing and her mischievousness life has never been more rewarding or exhausting and she always keeps me on my toes.

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Freya Walks

Posted by Anthony on Saturday Apr 11, 2009 Under Uncategorized

Yes, the little one is walking. She had just finished eating a freshly-baked cookie too, but that is less exciting. What amuses me is the little kiss at the end before she drops out of shot.

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An amusing incident

Posted by Linda on Thursday Jan 8, 2009 Under Uncategorized

So I was at the music type baby group thing today and for the first time Freya didn’t cry. You see they are allowed to play with instruments for some of the songs, but after the songs they have to put them away. Freya has such a nice time chewing on the instruments that she objects to this quite strongly and with tears. She also gets quite tired towards the end and this leads to the grumps. She has got better gradually, but I have got into the habit of carrying some food with me so that if Freya is happily nomming on a set of bells and they are taken away, she can nom on a rice cake instead.

Today we had moved round the room due to Ring a Ring of Roses and I was away from my changing bag. Another mum approached me a bit later and handed me Freya’s lunch box. Apparently her sneaky son (who is actually adorable) had ‘found’ the lunch box and had been relieved of it by said mum. So having it in my possession and knowing the session was nearing the end I thought Freya might like something. I opened the lunch box and the small thud of opening Tupperware seemed to catch the attention of all the babies and toddlers in the room. Three or four crawled or toddled straight for Freya and I. I quickly handed Freya the rice cake and backed off. A couple of them were restrained by parents, but I was impressed at how firmly Freya held on to her snack. It was her rice cake and no baby no matter how much bigger he was was going to get it from her. I was very impressed, but seeing them all going for the food was still the funniest thing I had seen all week.

Changing the subject slightly. One thing that has caught me unprepared is the lethal combination of crawling and pincer grip. Now although I’m not the messiest person in the world I do not hoover every day if I don’t have to, but this may have to change. If Freya finds the smallest crumb or the tiniest piece of paper and she will eat it. I knew this was coming. It’s obvious really and I’ve seen other babies doing it, but I’m still not ready for it. Everywhere we go she will find something to put in her mouth. I am reluctant to fish things out unless there’s an obvious danger as I always imagine I will only push it further in. Poor starved baby having to eat paper…

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