Sicky, sicky, not well.

Posted by Linda on Tuesday Sep 30, 2008 Under Freya, Tony, Weaning

Poor little Freya has a cold. I should say another cold. Apparently a baby will get 8 to 10 colds in their first year. So far this is number three so I think we have been fairly lucky. It does mean that Freya is having real difficulties with feeding from me. She’s all bunged up and snorting her way through her feeds, coming up for air every now and then. However, she seems to be eating solids with much gusto apart from Monday when she fell asleep just before dinner and we didn’t have the heat to wake her.

Sunday we had pesto, pasta, peas, bacon, onion and courgette. Freya had all but the bacon and the onion. I cut the courgette into nice big piece and this went down really well and we had much more success with the pasta. Twists work very well. She is actually gumming bits off now and eating them rather than just sucking the pesto off. I have noticed that dinner is taking longer every day as Freya gets more and more used to eating and being in her bumbo.

Freya’s dinner today was a piece of cold roast chicken and a few chips and a couple of carrots, but it was the chicken that occupied most of her attention. She seemed really hungry. There was an amusing disgusted face when trying th carrot, but I think it was just that she bit a little too much off. She was asleep early again, before Tony had got home, but this time we did wake her up for three very good reasons. She needed a bath, she needed changing and, most important of all, Daddy wanted a hug. After being woken she was remarkably congenial and quite happy to join us for dinner. I think she was just happy to have seen Tony.

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