Three meals a day!

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Suddenly we think Freya has got it. No longer is this about play. Freya now eats and eats and takes a good long time over it too.

Tony cooked for the first time that we have been weaning Freya on Sunday and we had sausage pasta. We have given up just now with the pasta so Freya gets a slice of toast instead with the sauce, but this was the first time she didn’t seem to want to get out of her Bumbo. She carried on exploring and eating long past us finishing our dinners. It was especially amusing to see her examining the toast towards the end. It looked as if she was considering the quality and vintage – turning it over and over, having a little nibble, feeling it. It was great fun to watch.

I have been a little more adventurous with what I take out with me now. On Wednesday I took melon, chicken and rice cake. I think bringing breakfast into the equation has led to a decline in lunch so she just has a nibble now.

Breakfasts… Well, she has always enjoyed toast and bagels so that stays on the menu but we do get a bit fed up of the crumbs and sharing our breakfast so I bought some fruit and custard pots from Heinz I think they were. I do like the idea of her eating more fruit and since she finds it easier to spoon feed herself rather than pick up slimy fruit I thought we could give it a go even though it may count as goop. They are just fruit and milk, nothing extra, no added sugar or anything. We tried a little for breakfast Wednesday morning and she seemed to like it although we decanted half a pot and she had maybe half of that. However, that was the morning come the evening…

Tuesday evening was very unusual. I was planning cottage pie but in the end did jacket potato with a mince topping. Freya had scooped out potato mixed with the mince and baked bean mix. Since we hadn’t had too much luck with mince so far I didn’t expect her to eat much. We loaded the spoon and wondered what would happen and whether I would be going back to the toaster for our reliable back up. No need. She loved it. Spoon after spoon went in. She still hasn’t grasped the idea of filling the spoon herself but after it’s loaded and handed to her it goes straight in. She ate more that night than I had ever seen her eat.

Wednesday the same thing happened (even though i can’t remember what it was we had). This time she still seemed hungry after having nommed on everything we had given her. I ran to the fridge and cut some melon, but she’s actually not too fussed about melon. Then I remembered the half a pot of fruit custard. She finished it completely. Admittedly there was quite a lot on the bib afterwards but again I was amazed at the quantity that she managed. She was still looking round for more food after so back to the kitchen again for some rice cake. After a brief feed on the rice cake she was finally done and went for a much needed bath.

Last night we had the evil burger and chips. I had bought some veggie burgers as I thought they might be lower in salt as the veggie sausages were. How wrong can you be? The veggie burger had twice the amount of salt that the beef burger had! I cut just a sliver of each off for Freya and gave her some chips which have practically no salt at all unless you cover them in it yourself. Ugh! She loved it all although we didn’t share our burger bun this time. She was again hungry after so I got a whole pot of fruit custard for her and some melon. She had a quick suck on the melon before going back to the discarded chips, but the fruit pot… She ate the whole thing and I suspect could have managed another one if we’d let her.

Damn you Heinz! Making it so easy for me to give my child fruit in the form of mush. Still, since she feeds herself I think it can still count…

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The two Bs of baby led weaning

Posted by Linda on Thursday Oct 16, 2008 Under Eating Out, Freya, New Food, Weaning

There are two items which seems to be considered ‘must try’ food for baby led weaning and I confess that, up to now, we hadn’t.  These are broccoli and bananas. Well we have now.

The broccoli I wanted to try as it is supposed to be very healthy and easy for babies to grasp. Freya didn’t seem to mind it and, considering it takes moments in the microwave, it will probably be something I will do now and again. She wouldn’t use the handles on the trees though. She did it her own way.

Today at lunch time the bananas I bought a week ago finally looked ripe. I don’t know where I got this tip but it worked wonders. Cut the banana in half or thirds and gently separate into sticks. Bananas naturally divide into three. You get three really nice fingers that stay together really well when grabbed by little fingers, but are soft enough to be gummed. No slippy mess. As we hadn’t tried banana before I gave her it first and I had pita bread on standby in case it wasn’t liked. With baby led weaning it really doesn’t matter so much about savoury/sweet. She ate most of the banana but then wanted her tray taken away. She still seemed to be interested in food though so I then gave her the pita which she ate without the Bumbo tray. There was very little mess. A few blobs of banana and that was about it. I made sure that there wasn’t a huge amount of hummus in the pita so it would squish out.

Yesterday dinner was a disaster for us adults so I won’t even bother to mention it, but at lunch time we were out and I took rice cakes with us. I tried them with hummus this time and although I didn’t think the hummus travelled well, very dry, Freya ate practically a whole cake. The most I’ve seen until now was half. I need to think of other things to take out with us though. I don’t want to bore her.

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Like a bat out of Hell…

Posted by Anthony on Tuesday Oct 14, 2008 Under Cutlery, Freya, New Food, Weaning

I am posting from work, so I will have to be brief.

Last night, we tried another new food.  It seems that Freya likes meatloaf (the food, not the aging singer) and so we might be getting a little more of it in future.  I think the consistency is good for her; it falls apart without needing to be bitten through, but it holds together well enough to rip and tear without crumbling.  Also, it is meat.  She seems to like meat more than vegetables, like her daddy, and that can be no bad thing…

Earlier in the week, we tried cous-cous.  I am not sure what we were expecting, but it worked. We loaded it onto her spoon and watched her stuff her face with it, to the exclusion of even the chicken she was given. She must get on well with the texture and the lack of chewing.

Finally; breakfast today. I have no idea what it was; it looked like porridge, smelt a bit like it, but Linda would know what it was. In her infinite wisdom, Linda handed a bowl of sludge to Freya while she was in my lap in bed. She painted her hands, face and neck, but somehow managed to miss me or the sheets luckily. It is amazing to see how good her coordination is; she sometimes misses her mouth, but rarely by much, and it is useless even trying to spoon-feed her because she will just take the spoon off you and do it herself.

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Munch, munch, munch.

Posted by Linda on Sunday Oct 5, 2008 Under New Food, Weaning

This blogging lark is falling behind a little. I think like most people our weekends are busy with both of us home.

Freya has been munching her way through pita, salad, peppers, hummus, noodles, carrots, vegetarian sausages, chips, pasta, spinach, courgettes, biscuit, bread and we confess we let her try a tiny slice of pizza, although we probably shouldn’t have. As we had visitors on Friday and Saturday she joined us for lunch both times. It was salad both times so it was easy enough to give her some bread, lettuce and peppers to make her feel like she was joining in. She did miss dinner again on Saturday night as she’d had an exciting day, but since she had eaten at lunch time I didn’t feel so bad. Also, as I have to remind myself, her main food is still milk and will be for sometime to come.

We tried the vegetarian sausage as an experiment. We are both meat eaters and Freya seems to be very keen on meat too. Given a choice she will spend ages on a piece of chicken. I looked at the salt content of most of the sausages online and realised that they had frightening amounts but the vegetarian ones had only a fraction of the amount. Since I do worry about my health as well as Freya’s we thought we’d try them. Ugh! I have had vegetarian sausages before and quite enjoyed them, but these were awful. Tesco’s own meat free. They smelt great, but really did taste like flavoured card board. I think we’ll go back to the meat ones. I know the amount she digests means it isn’t worth worrying about at this time. I think when she is starting to eat proper main meals, like a whole sausage with mash etc, we’ll re-evaluate then.

One of my main concerns that I can see looming in the distance is Freya falling asleep before Tony comes home for dinner. The whole reason for baby led weaning is so that I don’t have to prepare different meals for different people, but do I feed her early or do we wake her up? It’s a tricky one and I wonder how other people cope. Of course it may be that she will carry on falling asleep for the night at 9.30pm for a long time yet… except for the three nights in the last week. Hmm… I’ll have to see how this pans out, me thinks.

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Spice of life

Posted by Linda on Wednesday Oct 1, 2008 Under Freya, Weaning

I fed Freya a biscuit in public today! Woo! Actually she stole mine, but I kind of expected her to. She ate much more of it than I should probably allowed, but, hey, it’s only one biscuit. I’m not going to feel guilty and she enjoyed it so much. The mess was quite extraordinary and I even had to take her T-shirt off afterwards. She did have a vest on underneath though.

Dinner was a home made Chinese meal and I think this worked much better than the take away that we had over the weekend. It’s amazing to see her actually eating now. There was very little left of the piece of chicken she had a munch on. I used low salt soy sauce, sesame oil (since we’ve already established that she doesn’t have a problem), Chinese five spice, little chili powder, cumin, lemon juice and the veg I used were carrots, onions, bean sprouts and green peppers. She wasn’t that excited by the green pepper, but I’m not sure I expected her to be as I think they are an acquired taste. She really enjoyed the carrot, but I don’t think I made them big enough. I tried the noodle trick again. Making little nests and dumping it in front of her. She got her fingers straight in and started playing with them. She spread them all out as if she was trying to untangle them. So much for me making them into neat little nests! She didn’t even try to eat them this time though and although we put some rice on the spoon she wasn’t particularly interested in that today either. Nope, it was the chicken all the way.

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