So here it is!

Posted by Linda on Friday Nov 28, 2008 Under About, Cutlery, Freya, New Food, Weaning

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce The Pincer Grip!

I couldn’t be more proud as Freya picked up peas with her finger and thumb and popped them in last night as part of the vegetable curry I made. Sadly, she has decided that she wants to use this technique to eat rice instead of the spoon. Dinner time seems much longer than normal…

She also had a chocolate chip fairy cake and a tiny bit of chocolate chip cookie. It doesn’t hurt to let them enjoy the same things as you once in a while. It would hardly be fair for us to sit there pigging out on naughties and not let her have a little taste. To be honest she wasn’t that impressed. She preferred her melon slice even if it was covered in curry sauce.

Lunch time saw the usual pita bread with cheese and ham and one with cheese, cumin and carrot. I tend to cut them into strips and give her the ones which look like they will stay together better. She was a very hungry little girl today and nommed on four big strips, demolishing two completely and having a good go at the other two. Of course this meant that mummy only had less than one and a half pita breads for lunch and has had to eat more cakes to make up for it…

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Freya and the Magic Fork

Posted by Anthony on Monday Nov 24, 2008 Under Cutlery, Freya, Weaning

Nothing remarkably new this time, but a little trick that we have discovered…

Freya loves her curry, especially the meat, but would not eat the vegetables with the same gusto.  Even her rice was being demolished faster than the ordinarily-loved courgette.  So, I showed Linda how to cheat; I stabbed a chunk of courgette with her fork and then handed it to her.  She grabbed the courgette, ate it as though it were the finest sweet-meat, and looked at me for more.

It is not even like it was the fork, not really.  She was grabbing the food and pulling it off the tines, leaving the fork itself in my hands ready to be re-loaded.  Perhaps the only reason she eats rice, following this logic, is that she gets to eat it from a spoon.

It seem that, as a parent, I think I have come to the rather Zen conclusion that the ‘why’ is not so important as the ‘whether’.  If she eats vegetables and rice, I don’t care what prticular part of the trick works…

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Posted by Linda on Wednesday Nov 19, 2008 Under About, Freya, Linda, Weaning

Freya is teething. This time we’re sure of it. There are no teeth appearing yet, but she has had a rough few days. I think she may have a tummy bug too, but she just hasn’t been feeding from me. Last night she was picking up pasta and shoveling it in with the dexterity of a pro. I’m not sure if this is officially pincer grip but each individual piece is put into her mouth and chewed until it is no more. Hooray!

The ouch wasn’t for her necessarily though. With Freya not feeding very much yesterday, and not even having a milk feed last thing at night, my boobs are so engorged that it isn’t funny. We didn’t realise that it was teething though. This morning when she still wouldn’t latch on we tried a smear of Bonjella and about half an hour later she rooted for me and I was able to feed for a while before she fell asleep again. The scary thing is that was about 9.30am and she is still asleep now at 12.30pm. I have been checking on her and she is snoring gently but I can’t help worrying. Plus, one feed has done very little to alleviate my huge, solid, painful boobs!

Plums are the new favourite food by the way. Excellent for teething and juicy and sweet. Yummy!

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Daddy! Yeah!

Posted by Linda on Saturday Nov 15, 2008 Under About, Freya, New Food, Weaning

I hoped to get some seasonal fruit for us all to eat, as in these times of soaring food prices, I suspected that they may be cheaper. When I looked at what was in season there seemed an awful lot of vegetables and not a lot of fruit. There are apples obviously but I’m still not sure about giving Freya apples yet. Plums and blackberries appeared to be in season but these are two fruits I haven’t really tried except in jams or sauces so thanks to Freya I now have. Freya loves them both. Really the blackberries were for Tony as I thought Freya would have trouble with them, but she actually loves them. The mess, well, you can imagine! Bananas are still going down well although I did buy the lunch box sized ones. They looked much riper and nicer.

We tried cucumber which didn’t go down very well and we also tried one of Aitch’s recipes from the babyledweaning website of pita bread with melted cheese and carrot. It’s a good way to get babies to eat vegetables apparently and Freya really thought they were yummy.

Of course the most exciting news of the week has nothing to do with baby led weaning. Freya said ‘Daddy! Yeah!’ on Monday. It was in response to Tony saying ‘Who’s a silly sausage?’ so it’s even more amusing. She hasn’t said it quite so clearly since, preferring the classic ‘dadadada’. She is also pushing herself to her feet while in the bath. When she managed it she was so happy. It was great! She is also moving around the floor very fast now. It’s not a crawl as such, but it’s very effective.

One problem that we have noticed with baby led weaning (if you can call it a problem) is that whatever we eat and whatever we drink Freya wants some too. That’s fine with most things but it gets a little surreal when you’re trying to drink a nice cup of tea and this tiny hand appears up from your lap and pulls your mug down to her lips. She really is too adorable, but even we stop her sometimes!

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New achievements

Posted by Linda on Wednesday Nov 5, 2008 Under About, Cutlery, Drinks, Freya, New Food, Weaning

There have been some changes in the weaning experience lately. The first one has been the poo as was mentioned. It may be a strange thing to focus on, but the poo really shows how much Freya has come on. Now everything is really digested. This is real poo. Before Freya was swallowing things almost as an accidental side affect of playing with food, but now she is chewing and eating and digesting and all this can be seen in the consistency and texture of her poo.

But it got me thinking. If a baby is fed mush, how do people know when their babies have reached this stage. I assume that mush fed baby’s poo is just, well, mush and just smells bad. Considering research has proved that babies younger than six months can’t actually process much of the stuff that they are fed it seems pointless to me to make it so you have to deal with smelly poos before you really must!

The other thing that it made me think, is just how fast Freya is growing up. She is seven and a half months already, but I still remember this little pink thing who didn’t even fit into the cloth nappies we bought for her.

The other big exciting change that I am so proud of is that Freya has discovered, that if she has something too small to hold on to, she can put the whole piece in her mouth and chew it. Wooh! It’s exciting, I promise it is. It’s not pincer grip excitement, but it has really changed Freya’s eating habits. She can now, if she wants, get at the bit of food in her hand, ie. the handle of the stick of food. She positions the food near her mouth, opens her fist and pushes it into her mouth. Sometimes she leaves her fingers in her mouth to stop it falling out. It now means that I can give Freya smaller chewable pieces rather than leave everything as massive chunks or sticks. We’re not at a stage where she can pick peas up yet, but that will be the next big thing.

She is also having water with the evening meal every time now. She loves it. Unfortunately she will now dive for anything remotely cup shaped and try to drink from it, regardless of contents. We bought a Diody cup which is supposed to make sipping from a cup easier. She tries to hold the handles, but hasn’t quite grasped the fact that, if she jerks the cup around, water goes everywhere.

Food that has gone down well recently includes a cheesey pasta bake with courgettes, sausage and sweetcorn. As it was a bake it was much easier for Freya to pick the pasta up and she ate more than I have seen her eat in a long time. It was during this meal that she started to open up her hand and leave the food in her mouth to chew. She does love courgettes. The pasta was served up cold as lunch the next day and was eaten with equal relish.

Another stir fry also went down well at first. I used tinned baby sweetcorn which were soft so Freya could bite pieces off and chew them. She really enjoyed it and had finished one and started on the yellow pepper when she suddenly burst into tears. We never did work out what was wrong. We took her upstairs and checked her nappy, gave her some water, gave her hugs, but couldn’t see the source of the problem. Eventually, after she calmed down, we put her back in the Bumbo and she carried on eating perfectly fine. Ah, the mysteries of babies…

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All quiet on the Western Front

Posted by Anthony on Tuesday Nov 4, 2008 Under Freya, Weaning

There is not so much in the way of novelty these days; Freya eats a little more each day, but what she is eating changes very little. On the other hand, if what goes in is not worth commentary, perhaps what comes out is…

We were warned that weaning would change the consistency of her poo. We expected to see a little more rigidity and smell a little more stink. What we did not expect was to find a log in her nappy that stank out the room and had to be dropped into the toilet (where it made a ‘plop’ that even a grown-up would be proud of). Freya, of course, was over the moon. Perhaps she likes the novelty of the whole thing, or perhaps she was just happy to have the aforementioned submarine removed from her bottom, because she smiled her biggest smile. It was the smile she reserves for seeing her daddy after a long day. It was the proud smile of a baby who achieved something.

Well, solids go in, solids come out. Such is life…

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