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So now that Freya is walking we wondered what we needed to do about shoes. Luckily we know a few people who have been here before and mainly the advice seems to be let her wear soft soled shoes for a while.

We still got her measured up at Clarks. A very nice man measured her and she was very well behaved. She really enjoyed walking around the shop and trying to chew on all the yummy leathery shoes there. I did fall in love with one pair of proper boots that looked a bit like girly DMs with lace laces, but they were out of our price range and not the ‘soft soled’ shoes we were after. The guy helping wasn’t pushy at all. I was told to expect them to rush us to buy ‘proper’ shoes, but he didn’t and even suggested that cruisers were a better idea as she had only just started.

Freya got on surprisingly well with her shoes considering the fight we have sometimes to get some of the pram shoes she has on her and can walk rather well in them.

The only strange thing currently is that Freya seems to have two fears emerging. Grass and whirry things. The first one I think she will get used to fairly quickly, but it is funny when she’s in the garden as she keeps shouting at the grass in outrage. It appears she thinks the grass shouldn’t be there!

The whirry things we noticed first with the shredder. I had to take her out of the house while it was on and even then the slight noise of it disturbed her. As we don’t do much shredding we didn’t think this would be a problem however the fear extends to the blender (thank goodness we don’t do puree), the food processor, the strimmer and the lawn mower. Unfortunately it also means that if she can hear anything like that within the entire area we live it, she flips out. Shaking and wailing. She can, however, just about bear the vacuum cleaner.

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Freya Walks

Posted by Anthony on Saturday Apr 11, 2009 Under Uncategorized

Yes, the little one is walking. She had just finished eating a freshly-baked cookie too, but that is less exciting. What amuses me is the little kiss at the end before she drops out of shot.

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