Oh, looking back makes me laugh!

Posted by Linda on Tuesday Aug 25, 2009 Under Freya

Well, there I am saying that she’s sleeping through and going down at 8.30pm without a fight! How wrong am I? I should know by now that Freya is in a constant state of flux and things will change minute by minute. She went to sleep at about 9.20pm last night and woke at 7.30am with one wake in the night.

Actually I can live with this. I can’t complain about the lack of sleep I get because if I went to bed at the same time she did, I would get lots. It’s my own fault if I choose to go to bed at midnight.

On the plus side, the naps are back to two hours. You see, now I’ve said that she’ll only sleep for one now I bet!

I have been slowly stock piling clothes in the next size up for winter. Freya is small. I knew that when she was just a 6 cm blob and I still know it. She is still wearing some 6-9 month clothes at 17 months although mostly she’s in 9-12 month things at the moment. I am kind of hoping that by the end of September or October that she’ll be in 12-18 months. There are a couple of things in 12-18 months that seem to fit ok. Her main trouble is that she is a fairly good height but has a tiny waist so when trousers fit lengthwise they just tend to end up round her ankles as they won’t stay up. Wearing a cloth nappy helps, but it’s still awkward. I guess she’ll always have that trouble.

New words this week -

Cat seems to have disappeared in favour of Maow or prrrrr and we now have a ‘b’ on bear instead of ‘w’.

deeg (dog), dey (dice), ‘R’, sees (’6′) wasat (we think means ‘what is that’), deed (possibly ‘did it’?), ‘D’, ‘E’.

I guess I had better explain the numbers and letters. We’re not pushy parents. I promise you that, but we do love books so Freya has built up quite a collection of her own already. She loves being read to, but equally loves sitting and flicking through them herself. Over the last few weeks she has become much more aware of letters and numbers and has been pointing and asking what they are, just as she would with a picture of a cat/fish/rabbit etc. I couldn’t tell you what she understands by them or if she is aware that stringing them together make words, but then who knows. I know that Tony and I were both early readers so I guess we’ll see what happens.

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The skill of speech

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Now Freya has had Mama and Dada or Daaad down for a while, but we thought it may be interesting to log her spoken words as she learns them. I think I am the only mother who’s daughter recognises and can say ‘Data’ (from Star Trek) for example so here are the words she understands and can say so far:

Data (Da’a), Three (ee), ‘C’, Seven (se’en), Ball (ba), Cat (aat), Upsy Daisy (Daisy), hat, hair, bear (wear), there, moo moo.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I will add them as I remember or she says them.

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Been a while…

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Freya is growing up. She learns so much new stuff every day that to blog it all would probably bore the socks of everyone, if the baby led weaning didn’t. However there have been a few developments lately that have been worthy of comment.

Firstly Freya walks like a pro now. Very steady and full of confidence. She’s fast too. Just today I found myself running headlong across the park before she reached the road’s edge and only just managing to catch her in time. I just wish that she would hold my hand and then we could walk along the pavement together instead of taking the buggy, but I guess this will come soon.

She is also fearless. She has discovered this week that she can climb right to the top of this scary old slide we found in a secluded corner of the park. The only trouble is that I have to follow her up and when we get to the top there’s not enough room to manoeuvre easily. She did that three times today and the second one I nearly had a heart attack as I really thought I was going to fall. She can climb in and out the patio doors, on and off the bench in the garden and can even make it part way up the climbing frame.

She is also sociable. She wanders round the park looking for people to show her car to. This breaks my heart though somewhat as the boys and girls she chooses are all very much older and not really interested. She wanders right into the middle of their football games or gossiping. Unfortunately younger kids just don’t interest her as much. She tends to observe them and then do her own thing.

She is also sleeping through sometimes. Since about 6 months she has woken for one, two or sometimes even three feeds, but once or twice in the last few weeks she hasn’t. Her sleeping pattern has changed too rather suddenly. From a lovely three hour nap in the afternoon to just one if I’m lucky. However, she tends to go to sleep at 8.30pm ish without a fuss now and wake for the morning at 8 ish.

Food wise she has suddenly also been eating a lot more in the evening and today she even ate quite a big lunch. The best food we have come across lately has to be chicken risotto. She loves it and she loves using her spork to eat it.

Ah, yes, the spork. Found in takeaway salads in all good supermarkets this has to be the ultimate in weaning cutlery. It stabs things easily and they don’t fall off, but yet you can use it to scoop too like a spoon. It also fits perfectly in your baby’s hand. They are sharp though so I would only recommend them if your baby has already got not sticking cutlery in their eyes down.

Anyway between sporks, her climbing and her mischievousness life has never been more rewarding or exhausting and she always keeps me on my toes.

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