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Posted by Linda on Sunday Oct 25, 2009 Under About, Freya

We dressed Freya up as a fairy last night and, as we are very diligent parents, then completely forgot to take any photographs. This is a shame as she did look very cute, but also quite odd. We think she enjoyed herself running around and ‘helping’ out with the things going on. It was an unusual party and at one point there was a UV painting session which Freya absolutely loved. By the way this wasn’t a children’s party, just a lot of very strange adults who’s idea of a good party is building things from bricks or lego and playing with play dough while discussing philosophy. One of the strangest problems Freya seemed to have was that many of the men there had long hair and quite often she would approach one of them calling them Daddy rather confused.

So where are we with words I hear you ask? They are coming thick and fast lately so…

The letters and numbers Freya now recognises are – A (still quite an aggressive ‘argh’ sound,) B (only now and again), C, D, E, F(ffff), G (now and again), L (eh), M (mmm), N (mmm), O, R, S (sss), T, U (ooo), 6, 7 (se’en) and just this morning we had 8 (ay).

‘S’ words seem to be a favourite at the moment so we have – star, sand, sea, six, sit, socks, spider (si-er), seven (se-en).

Other words – food (foo), cat (mao), bear, drink (dink),  bubbles (buh-els) milk (mat), moon (moo), bat (ba), hat (ha), Makka Pakka (ma-a pa-a), Upsy Daisy (ai ee Daisy), daisy, flower (fower), Freya, fairy (faer ee), bath, daddy, mummy (mama), boob (yes, thanks, Tony), ear, eye (ahy). I think that’s all but it’s so difficult to remember as she obviously doesn’t say all the words all the time so it’s also hard to know whether something was a fluke or not.

She knows quite a few signs now too and the sounds certain animals make. Cow – moo, sheep – baa, lion/tiger/dinosaur/dragon – rah!, monkey -oo oo oo ah ah ah, cat – maow, dog – pants, owl – hoo hoo, elephant – brrrr, car – brrrm, train – see car, pirates – arrr (very gently). The signs she knows are – milk, finished, food, sand, giraffe, book, nappy change, sleep, monkey, cake, biscuit.

One of the scariest realisations as a parent comes when you finally get it into your head that your child actually can understand pretty much most of what you say. So when I said jokingly at the party, ‘oh, Freya you have glitter all over your hands. Ah, well, just wipe it on a random stranger,’ and she does, it was quite a shock and hugely amusing to everyone watching fortunately.

She can now get down the stairs completely unaided with her Cat and Bear in her hands, she can complete her jigsaw effortlessly and she now wants me to put nappies on her cuddly toys and takes great pleasure in wiping their faces and there hands. This personification of her toys is a dramatic jump in intellect to my mind and really rammed home the fact that my little girl is growing up!

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It has been a while

Posted by Anthony on Sunday Oct 4, 2009 Under Uncategorized

Yes, we have been remiss in our duties. Freya continues to grow taller and more intelligent by the day. Her latest achievement is jumping, which most of the guides agree is something she should not pick up until she is about three.

Beyond this, we have her reading ability coming on by leaps and bounds. She is not able to see her name and recognise it, but she will run her finger along the line of letters and read them. “Fuh – arr – ee! – wuh – ay…” New words include saying her own name recognisably; socks (saks); swing, slide and six are all clearly audible; ‘Raaah!’ when she sees a dinosaur; “Arrr!” when she sees a pirate…

Which brings us on to her pirates. Baldy and Cap’n were Talk Like a Pirate Day gifts, complete with a pirate island and a little sailing boat. She saw them, she loved them, she played with them and then… they said ‘ah…’ and started kissing. They are both bearded rugged manly men, who just happen to enjoy one another’s company and enjoy snuggling up with kisses on the balcony of their island retreat to watch the dinosaurs and sharks roaming the plains.
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