Oh, looking back makes me laugh!

Posted by Linda on Tuesday Aug 25, 2009 Under Freya

Well, there I am saying that she’s sleeping through and going down at 8.30pm without a fight! How wrong am I? I should know by now that Freya is in a constant state of flux and things will change minute by minute. She went to sleep at about 9.20pm last night and woke at 7.30am with one wake in the night.

Actually I can live with this. I can’t complain about the lack of sleep I get because if I went to bed at the same time she did, I would get lots. It’s my own fault if I choose to go to bed at midnight.

On the plus side, the naps are back to two hours. You see, now I’ve said that she’ll only sleep for one now I bet!

I have been slowly stock piling clothes in the next size up for winter. Freya is small. I knew that when she was just a 6 cm blob and I still know it. She is still wearing some 6-9 month clothes at 17 months although mostly she’s in 9-12 month things at the moment. I am kind of hoping that by the end of September or October that she’ll be in 12-18 months. There are a couple of things in 12-18 months that seem to fit ok. Her main trouble is that she is a fairly good height but has a tiny waist so when trousers fit lengthwise they just tend to end up round her ankles as they won’t stay up. Wearing a cloth nappy helps, but it’s still awkward. I guess she’ll always have that trouble.

New words this week -

Cat seems to have disappeared in favour of Maow or prrrrr and we now have a ‘b’ on bear instead of ‘w’.

deeg (dog), dey (dice), ‘R’, sees (’6′) wasat (we think means ‘what is that’), deed (possibly ‘did it’?), ‘D’, ‘E’.

I guess I had better explain the numbers and letters. We’re not pushy parents. I promise you that, but we do love books so Freya has built up quite a collection of her own already. She loves being read to, but equally loves sitting and flicking through them herself. Over the last few weeks she has become much more aware of letters and numbers and has been pointing and asking what they are, just as she would with a picture of a cat/fish/rabbit etc. I couldn’t tell you what she understands by them or if she is aware that stringing them together make words, but then who knows. I know that Tony and I were both early readers so I guess we’ll see what happens.

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  1. Anna Hargett Says:

    Hi! I randomly came across your blog, and I HAVE to know…. Where did you get the header picture for your blog???! I absolutely LOVE it! I love whimisical style things. It’s absolutley fantastic! :)

  2. Anthony Says:

    I was actually searching for themes for my other blog (on computer games and stories) when I came across one that seemed to suit Freya. It is a free theme if you are interested; the link is http://themespack.com/girl-wordpress-theme.html/ to download it.