It has been a while

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Yes, we have been remiss in our duties. Freya continues to grow taller and more intelligent by the day. Her latest achievement is jumping, which most of the guides agree is something she should not pick up until she is about three.

Beyond this, we have her reading ability coming on by leaps and bounds. She is not able to see her name and recognise it, but she will run her finger along the line of letters and read them. “Fuh – arr – ee! – wuh – ay…” New words include saying her own name recognisably; socks (saks); swing, slide and six are all clearly audible; ‘Raaah!’ when she sees a dinosaur; “Arrr!” when she sees a pirate…

Which brings us on to her pirates. Baldy and Cap’n were Talk Like a Pirate Day gifts, complete with a pirate island and a little sailing boat. She saw them, she loved them, she played with them and then… they said ‘ah…’ and started kissing. They are both bearded rugged manly men, who just happen to enjoy one another’s company and enjoy snuggling up with kisses on the balcony of their island retreat to watch the dinosaurs and sharks roaming the plains.
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