Wait… Did she really say what I think she said…?

Posted by Anthony on Thursday Jan 14, 2010 Under Uncategorized

Just a short one. Last night, I think we had our first conversation with Freya. It was late, nearly ten, and she was still awake. We decided to try getting her to go to bed.

Linda: It’s bed-time, are you ready to go to bed?
Freya: No… (not forcefully, just as though the answer was obvious)
Linda: Why not?
Freya: ‘S dark…
(we stop for a second, surprised by the apt response)
Linda: Will you go to bed if we turn on the light again?
(Freya seems to think about it for a second)
Freya: Yes…
(Freya walks to the stairs and starts climbing)

And that was the moment we realised that Freya is growing up very quickly…

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