Almost Two

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My daughter is confusing and I can never keep her age straight in my head. You see the problem is that on Sunday she will be two. I can handle that, but right now she is in 12-18 month clothes so part of me feels that she is still much younger. On the other hand many of her toys are 3+ so I sometimes forget that she’s not that old.

W e have given up on blogging about speech now because, well, she can talk. She can express herself clearly and copy words after hearing them just once or twice. She lapses into babble still, but nine times out of ten you will understand when she talks. Oddly counting has slipped and rather than count she just reels off a list of numbers rather than tell you how many things there are, but on the other hand she can recognise two items immediately. So if she sees two birds in the sky she’ll say ‘two birds flying’ rather than needing to count them.

She still knows all the numbers up to ten and most of the alphabet. She does get confused by ‘G’ and ‘Q’ but that’s understandable. She also knows all her colours. She did have issues with confusing green and red for a while and since these are the classic colour blindness colours we did start to wonder, but she hasn’t confused them for a while so here’s hoping we were wrong.

Perhaps just as a nod to the fact this started out as a baby led weaning blog I will list what she has eaten today. For breakfast I made her two slices of toast and marmite since she has been pestering me for mine the last few days if I only make her one. She doesn’t eat the crusts still, but I’m not fussed. I don’t pretend to understand it, but I’m not going to insist. She didn’t eat much this morning though as I think her toast went a bit cold while she was waiting for me to come back up and she does prefer it warm. At about 9.30am she had Cheerios and raisins. )I think this may be the last box of Cheerios that I buy though as I think I’m going to join in the boycott of Nestle for their terrible aggressive marketing strategies of formula in developing countries that cost hundreds of lives every year.)

Anyway, then we went to a friend’s house where she ate a bite from a cereal bar and a whole chocolate digestive. We returned home and she was exhausted. She had a breast feed and fell asleep. By 2.30pm I was getting worried as we have Mini Strikers at 3.15pm, a really fun session where they get to do all sorts of activities and Freya loves it. I went in to ‘tidy’ her books and made enough noise that she woke up and then I gave her grapes (uneaten – shock horror!), sweetcorn, bread-sticks, cheese and cucumber. She also had a banana in the buggy on the way.

At home she had some more raisins, a bread-stick and sweetcorn. This was only because I was trying to persuade her to let me cook dinner. So finally dinner – mince beef pasta with garlic bread. Quite a bit eaten and because of circumstance we’ll all be having the same evening meal tomorrow.

Ah, Mini Strikers… What a discovery that was! I had heard that she could possibly go when she was two so I looked into it and went to a session. Since Freya is obsessed with balls and running around I had a feeling that she would enjoy it and she did. She wasn’t sure about the other children at first as she is quite reserved and really doesn’t like other people touching her, but when we went today (the third time ever) she was a joy to watch. I still sit with her and she needs me to run around with her, but I don’t mind and her confidence is growing every time we go. We are going to quit Jo Jingles though partly because of our limited budget and partly because the lady who we like doing it has been replaced and the replacement is simply not as good. Freya would rather run in circles round me than pay attention to what is going on and I don’t really need to pay £4.50 for that.

So Freya will be two in four days. Where did the time go? I still don’t regret anything and I’m still not wishing for any future age to come quicker. It is really amazing how fast she has changed though, even in the last few weeks.

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