That’s my toddler!

Posted by Linda on Monday Dec 28, 2009 Under Cutlery, Freya, Weaning

Freya is growing up so fast now. She is no longer a baby. She hasn’t been for some time, but the most recent clutch of Christmas presents has really reinforced this. She now plays with her pirate ship, her caravan and her vet surgery. She doesn’t know the ins and outs of what a vet is but she likes the ‘house’ and the animals. She plays with the ‘car’ and the ‘man’. She also knows that pirates go ‘aaaaahhhh!’

Food has been quite strange lately. In the three weeks before Christmas we had a cold and her eating went down to almost nothing. I mean seriously, one meatball and a butter bean was her dinner one evening and I thought she didn’t eat much on a normal day! Luckily she is still breast fed and I could relax knowing that she still got plenty of nutrition from that.

After she recovered the eating went mad. I think maybe it was a growth spurt or making up for the week she was ill, but she seriously ate me out of house and home. Nothing was safe and quite suddenly her spoon and fork control also improved so she was eating a much larger quantity of food at dinner. Things she has previously rejected were suddenly greeted with enthusiasm.

Right now I think she’s found a middle ground. Unfortunately since it is Christmas she has also discovered chocolate or ‘uh, uh’ as she calls it. Since it is Christmas we are letting her have a little, but she seems to have realised that chocolate is actually very yummy and has been demanding it a little more than I’m comfortable with.

So what new words do we have now? Too many to really mention I think, but we’ll see what I can do – nose, mouth, eye, baby, feet, nap’ee (nappy), ap’aw (apple), tea, house, duck are the few that spring to mind but we have groups of words now too.

Numbers are un (one), tooo (two), free (three), four, fief (five), seeks (six), se’en (seven), ayt (eight), noin (nine) yeahn (ten).

Colours came suddenly the other day although we have been telling her colours from when she was very little. It was a bit of a shock to have her suddenly sit there and tell me them. Pup’el seems to be the favourite and green seems to give the most difficulty.

This month Freya really surprised me with how fast she is growing up and the nicest surprsie of all could be that she is now and again sleeping through the night – yes, that holy grail of parenting!

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Oh, looking back makes me laugh!

Posted by Linda on Tuesday Aug 25, 2009 Under Freya

Well, there I am saying that she’s sleeping through and going down at 8.30pm without a fight! How wrong am I? I should know by now that Freya is in a constant state of flux and things will change minute by minute. She went to sleep at about 9.20pm last night and woke at 7.30am with one wake in the night.

Actually I can live with this. I can’t complain about the lack of sleep I get because if I went to bed at the same time she did, I would get lots. It’s my own fault if I choose to go to bed at midnight.

On the plus side, the naps are back to two hours. You see, now I’ve said that she’ll only sleep for one now I bet!

I have been slowly stock piling clothes in the next size up for winter. Freya is small. I knew that when she was just a 6 cm blob and I still know it. She is still wearing some 6-9 month clothes at 17 months although mostly she’s in 9-12 month things at the moment. I am kind of hoping that by the end of September or October that she’ll be in 12-18 months. There are a couple of things in 12-18 months that seem to fit ok. Her main trouble is that she is a fairly good height but has a tiny waist so when trousers fit lengthwise they just tend to end up round her ankles as they won’t stay up. Wearing a cloth nappy helps, but it’s still awkward. I guess she’ll always have that trouble.

New words this week -

Cat seems to have disappeared in favour of Maow or prrrrr and we now have a ‘b’ on bear instead of ‘w’.

deeg (dog), dey (dice), ‘R’, sees (’6′) wasat (we think means ‘what is that’), deed (possibly ‘did it’?), ‘D’, ‘E’.

I guess I had better explain the numbers and letters. We’re not pushy parents. I promise you that, but we do love books so Freya has built up quite a collection of her own already. She loves being read to, but equally loves sitting and flicking through them herself. Over the last few weeks she has become much more aware of letters and numbers and has been pointing and asking what they are, just as she would with a picture of a cat/fish/rabbit etc. I couldn’t tell you what she understands by them or if she is aware that stringing them together make words, but then who knows. I know that Tony and I were both early readers so I guess we’ll see what happens.

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Been a while…

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Freya is growing up. She learns so much new stuff every day that to blog it all would probably bore the socks of everyone, if the baby led weaning didn’t. However there have been a few developments lately that have been worthy of comment.

Firstly Freya walks like a pro now. Very steady and full of confidence. She’s fast too. Just today I found myself running headlong across the park before she reached the road’s edge and only just managing to catch her in time. I just wish that she would hold my hand and then we could walk along the pavement together instead of taking the buggy, but I guess this will come soon.

She is also fearless. She has discovered this week that she can climb right to the top of this scary old slide we found in a secluded corner of the park. The only trouble is that I have to follow her up and when we get to the top there’s not enough room to manoeuvre easily. She did that three times today and the second one I nearly had a heart attack as I really thought I was going to fall. She can climb in and out the patio doors, on and off the bench in the garden and can even make it part way up the climbing frame.

She is also sociable. She wanders round the park looking for people to show her car to. This breaks my heart though somewhat as the boys and girls she chooses are all very much older and not really interested. She wanders right into the middle of their football games or gossiping. Unfortunately younger kids just don’t interest her as much. She tends to observe them and then do her own thing.

She is also sleeping through sometimes. Since about 6 months she has woken for one, two or sometimes even three feeds, but once or twice in the last few weeks she hasn’t. Her sleeping pattern has changed too rather suddenly. From a lovely three hour nap in the afternoon to just one if I’m lucky. However, she tends to go to sleep at 8.30pm ish without a fuss now and wake for the morning at 8 ish.

Food wise she has suddenly also been eating a lot more in the evening and today she even ate quite a big lunch. The best food we have come across lately has to be chicken risotto. She loves it and she loves using her spork to eat it.

Ah, yes, the spork. Found in takeaway salads in all good supermarkets this has to be the ultimate in weaning cutlery. It stabs things easily and they don’t fall off, but yet you can use it to scoop too like a spoon. It also fits perfectly in your baby’s hand. They are sharp though so I would only recommend them if your baby has already got not sticking cutlery in their eyes down.

Anyway between sporks, her climbing and her mischievousness life has never been more rewarding or exhausting and she always keeps me on my toes.

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Trying new recipes

Posted by Linda on Tuesday Jan 20, 2009 Under About, Cutlery, Freya, New Food, Weaning

As money is tight I’ve been trying new recipes instead of relying on old favourites that may cost more, but one I had wanted to try for a while was risotto. It’s fairly labour intensive or rather it is kitchen intensive so it had to wait for a time when Tony was home and could stop Freya wrecking the place. It turned out really well. We had to use the loaded spoon technique, but she could pick out the chicken bits herself and I cooked some veg to go with it. It wasn’t actually any cheaper to make than some of the other things we have but it was so nice that we may have it again.

On the cooking front I have also been making soups. I haven’t tried the bread soaked in soup for weaning yet and there’s no way Freya is steady enough for loaded spoons of it so she had the chunks of meat and veg with a rice cake which went down very well. It was Thai chicken noodle soup so I dread to think how much salt ended up in it, but I didn’t add any extra salt (even though the recipe said to) and since she didn’t drink the soup itself I think it was ok. Besides, when you look at it over the course of the week, or even the day, I think it all evens out.

We are having a little trouble with our carpets. I have been sitting Freya on the floor for lunch as she has been pretty good at not making much mess, but unfortunately all those little bits of mess have added up and now our carpet is in a terrible state. Blame the lazy woman who can only wash up once a day and so the Bumbo is never clean for the lunch times. The worst culprit by far has been plum. It’s not helped by the fact that Freya often drops it and then skilfully sits in it. Really, her bum shifting accuracy scares me sometimes.

On the teething front we have two bottom front teeth and definitely something going on at the top. At the weekend we were woken up by screaming at 3am on both Friday and Saturday nights and it took much rocking, feeding and finally firmness to get her to go back to sleep. I know we are really lucky in that Freya has always slept through from an early age and so I never feel too bad about it. I know there are many unlucky parents out there with very wakeful babies.

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Posted by Linda on Wednesday Nov 19, 2008 Under About, Freya, Linda, Weaning

Freya is teething. This time we’re sure of it. There are no teeth appearing yet, but she has had a rough few days. I think she may have a tummy bug too, but she just hasn’t been feeding from me. Last night she was picking up pasta and shoveling it in with the dexterity of a pro. I’m not sure if this is officially pincer grip but each individual piece is put into her mouth and chewed until it is no more. Hooray!

The ouch wasn’t for her necessarily though. With Freya not feeding very much yesterday, and not even having a milk feed last thing at night, my boobs are so engorged that it isn’t funny. We didn’t realise that it was teething though. This morning when she still wouldn’t latch on we tried a smear of Bonjella and about half an hour later she rooted for me and I was able to feed for a while before she fell asleep again. The scary thing is that was about 9.30am and she is still asleep now at 12.30pm. I have been checking on her and she is snoring gently but I can’t help worrying. Plus, one feed has done very little to alleviate my huge, solid, painful boobs!

Plums are the new favourite food by the way. Excellent for teething and juicy and sweet. Yummy!

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Each, Peach, Pear, Plum

Posted by Linda on Monday Sep 15, 2008 Under Freya, New Food, Weaning

After a strange morning, Freya decided to sleep for a long time. We’re talking nearly four hours. Actually I guess it was nearer three, but since I took the opportunity to doze too I ignored her when she started chatting to herself. Does that make me a bad mother..? Freya is a good sleeper. She will sleep from about 9.30pm to around 7am. It does vary hugely but we get a good night of sleep. Some time around five months she started having long afternoon naps too. Wonderful! Again they vary from 12.00 to 2pm and can last from two hours to nearly four. I just want to say that I really love my daughter.

Anyway, food. She wasn’t awake for lunch and I wasn’t too bothered about her joining me for that. I think we’re still sticking to mainly evening meals for now. I have however bought some peaches and thought we could share one when she woke up. I do worry that we both need to eat more fruit. I’m ashamed to say that I find it dull and laborious. I try, I really do. I buy fruit and it sits in the fridge slowly rotting. I’d rather have a nice piece of toast. Yummy!

She actually really enjoyed the peach although it is very slippery. I tried a round slice, but this was completely unmanageable for her. Chip shaped worked best for us here and she really seemed to like it. It wasn’t easy but since she wasn’t hungry, it was really just some fun. The best moment was when she sat there with a piece just hanging out of her mouth grinning. It would have been a great camera moment, but I really don’t encourage people to run off to find the camera whilst their baby is eating. You’ll just have to imagine it! Wasn’t a huge amount of mess either. Bit sticky but no need for a bath this time. Bath inducing food and photos have to wait until we’re both on hand.

By the way, ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ is a great kids book I remember from when I was a child. I had to buy a copy as soon as I found it. Although right now Freya still prefers ‘That’s not my Dragon’.

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